Frequently Asked Questions

This will depend on which Garden Pod you want and the time of year you are ordering.   Please check with us on [email protected]  and we will be able to answer your question.

The pods are rotated manually, the rotating feature is intended for desired positioning, not constant rotation.

The exterior of the pods is made up of stainless steel, polycarbonate and acrylic, which allow guests to enjoy the surroundings without the danger of shattering when struck.

The smaller pods can fit in an area large enough for a 5-chair umbrella set. The diameter requirements vary from 7.5′ to 11′ for the largest model.

No. We supply and install on your prepared surface.

The price includes a fully equipped Pod with standard features such as seating appointments and table, fully supplied and fitted.

Yes. All installations are completed by Podology.

Once you have made a decision on which Garden Pod is right for you, Podology will require a deposit of 50%, on placing the order. The balance to be paid prior to installation.

The manufacturer is providing a 10 year warranty.

Yes, the Garden Pod is designed to be rain resistant and water safe. The stainless steel components are made to endure wet outdoor conditions. The cushions for the open/rotating models are made from the same materials used in Yachts. The larger summerhouse model has a door that can be closed just like a home, so the interiors are kept nice and dry. These features allow enjoyable use during rain showers.

Yes, ownership comes with the ability to put your own color signature on your Garden Pod. However, this raises the need to build you a brand new unit that will take time.

The frame is made up of laminated Norwegian Spruce , which has been treated to withstand outdoor conditions.

Yes, you can stain or color it to your choosing.

While the Pod design took shape in 2008, prototypes were built and tested and the pods were not offered on a large scale until 2010.

The Garden enables you to “bring the inside out”. This means it can be used as an office, a dining room, a music room, a media room, a lounge, thinking/meditating space, a meeting room, or rain shelter,… just think outside of your pod!

No, it falls under the stated regulations for detached buildings, 25m2

Yes, it’s a matter of disassembling, re-assembling and minimal parts replacements.

The Lounger model allows the table to be lowered so that the entire inside can be converted into a sleeping bed. The door opening can be covered with the available canvas enclosure.

It can be placed anywhere you choose in your garden or home The Pod can also be a room, within a room. Think of Gathering in a Glowing Pod at night in a penthouse loft overlooking beautiful city lights.

The Seater accommodates 5 to 7 people, the Lounger 4 to 6 people, and the diner and summerhouse can accommodate up to 14 people.

The Summerhouse and Diner models come with a solar panel that powers the mood lighting inside.

The Seater and the Lounger are the rotating models. The Summerhouse and Diner do not rotate as they can be connected to a power supply.

Very little needs to be done. Cleaned regularly and washed. The wood panels will need to be treated, as any wood structure such as a fence would.