It’s all about the Base…

So, your Garden Pod requires a solid level base to sit on.   Level for obvious reasons and solid so that your Pod can be secured to the ground.  The choices are simple, (a)concrete (b) paving (c) decking.    

Again, it is worth taking a moment to decide what type of base you want your Pod to be installed on.  Do you want to keep it simple or had you something more decorative in mind?

Let’s look at the options.

Option 1.  Concrete.

You can simply have a concrete circle to have your Pod secured to.   When the Pod is installed you can plant grass around it or perhaps have stepping stones from the Pod to your door.

Option 2. 

You may decide to have your Pod secured to paving slabs either new or existing slabs (as long as they are level and have sufficient hardcore underneath) There is a wide variety of paving slabs on the market and advice from an expert would serve you well in this case.

Option 3.

The next option is decking.   Again, there is a huge variety of decking on the market both in natural timber or an assortment of colours to choose from.  You may already have decking where you have decided to have your Pod.  Please check that the decking will take the weight of your chosen Pod and consider the age of the decking and if it would be wiser to replace it before having your Pod installed.

There are two surfaces that the Pod cannot be installed on and they are grass and loose shingle or stones.

If you intend having the area around your Pod landscaped, might I suggest you leave the landscaping until after the Pod has been installed as it makes it very difficult (not impossible) for the Podology Team to work around it.

The last thing any of our team would want to do is to trample on some of your shrubs, plants or flowers so bear this in mind if deciding to have the area landscaped.

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