Working from Home!

For many of us working from home has become the new normal.   It may not be something we had ever thought about but current circumstances have played a huge part in the decision to do so.

Working from home can be wonderful.   Think about it – no travel to and from work – the amount of time and money you will safe from not having to commute – not to mention the stress of being stuck in traffic and finding a parking space.  If you are travelling by public transport then there is the added nuisance of queuing for the bus/train or tram (although queuing is another new normal for us) and hoping to get a seat once it has arrived along with having to wear the mandatory face mask or covering.

Working from home can have its own set of challenges – being disciplined enough to get up and be ready to get started on time – finding a place to work where you won’t be disturbed – finding peace and quiet.  Now there’s a challenge especially if there are children in the house.   Here is where having a Pod in your garden comes in.  You’re very own place of peace and quite where you can concentrate on your work, make and take phone calls without interruption or the worry about background noise.  Sounds like Heaven (well a little bit of Heaven).

If your Pod is predominately for work purposes, I would recommend one of the following Pods.  The Oval Pod, The Summerhouse, The Deluxe Summerhouse or the Grande Deluxe.  Three reasons for this.  1. They have a solid up and over door.   2. They have lighting and heating and 3.  Plenty of space with a large table for your laptop and any paperwork/diary you may have. 

Many companies are seeing the benefits of having their staff work from home.  They see the savings they can make and have invested in providing work areas such as the Pods for their staff.  The beauty of having a Pod is that when work is finished the Pod can be used for recreation for family and friends.   A win/win situation.

At Podology we are more than happy to discuss/advise on which Pod would be the most suitable for all your needs.

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