Choosing your Pod… Decisions. Decisions

Having a Pod in your garden will create a haven of tranquillity, a quiet place to retreat to, away from the house.   Your Pod will also become a very useful space for entertaining friends and family regardless of what the weather is like.   Deciding which Pod, you would like to have is the start of an exciting journey.  Once you have decided which Pod you would like the next step is to decide where you would like to position the Pod in your garden.  Do you have a choice of places to position your Pod in and if so, what is the best position?  Do you want to position it so that you will get the last ray of sunshine at the end of the evening or would you prefer to position your Pod is a more shaded part of your garden?  It’s worth mentioning at this point that the windows of your Pod will be UV protected so unless you are sitting at the doorway in direct sunlight you will be protected.

The next important decision is what direction do you want the door of your Pod facing?

What’s next?  Choosing what colour, you would like for your seating is next.  Think carefully about this.   Your Pod will have a 10-year guarantee and will probably last much longer than that, if you look after it and follow the maintenance guide, so choose your colour wisely.   There is an extensive colour pallet to choose from.   Some new Pod owners choose a neutral colour and then personalize their Pod with scatter cushions and throws etc. 

Now it’s time to sit back and wait for delivery and installation.  Exciting!!

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